10 Special Gifts for Nurses

Nurses are some of the most under-recognized heroes of the world. They care for people in their most dire time of need, and they uplift the spirits of those who have sick friends and loved ones. It’s always important to show appreciation for nurses, and you don’t have to wait for a specific appreciation day. You can start giving gifts to nurses right now! Here are some great personalized gifts that the nurses in your life are sure to love.

Nursing Ornament

A nursing ornament is perfect for the newest nurse in your circle. Help them commemorate starting their nursing journey by giving them a unique ornament to hang on their Christmas tree. We have a variety of ornaments in a range of shapes and colors–even some that are painted to look like scrub tops!

Personalized Not All Heroes Wear Capes Nurse Ornament

Nursing Necklace 

Our unique personalized gifts for nurses consist of a variety of products, including jewelry! Most nurses can’t have much jewelry on their hands while working for sanitary reasons, so a nursing necklace is perfect for the nurses in your life.

Nurse Hand-Stamped Necklace

Nursing Travel Mug or Coffee Cup

Nurses are always on-the-go. They work late nights and early mornings. If their workplace is short-staffed, sometimes they work double shifts for extended periods of time. This means they drink a lot of coffee! Give them another coffee cup to add to their collection. They can either use it at work or at home!


Give a nurse something fun and unique to put on their keyring! You can find a variety of keychains everywhere that are perfect for nurses. Whether it’s a keychain with a stethoscope on it, a traditional nurse’s cap or medical logos, the nurses in your life will love whatever keychain you give them.

Monogrammed Stethoscope 

Nurses use their stethoscopes for many different things, regardless of the field they work in. It’s important for them to have a quality stethoscope that functions well but also shows off their personality. Since it’s a must-have for nurses, give your favorite nurse a monogrammed stethoscope this year! If you’re looking to give all the nurses in a particular office their own unique stethoscope, it can get quite expensive. Compromise by finding an ID tag they can attach to the tubing of their stethoscope–cute, functional and budget-friendly!

Photo Frame 

If you are close friends with a nurse, or maybe related to one, you probably have a picture or two with them somewhere on your phone. Print it and put it in one of our fun photo gifts! Our frames are perfect to show the nurse in your life you care.

Registered Nurse Personalized Picture Frame

Wine Glasses

Working in nursing can be really stressful. From running to and from rooms, caring for countless patients and even working with doctors and the general public, sometimes nurses need to unwind with a refreshing glass of wine at the end of their shift. A set of nurse-themed wine glasses is the perfect gift!

Badge Reel

Some hospitals and doctors’ offices adhere to strict guidelines for the scrubs nurses have to wear. They don’t always get too much of a choice in their uniform, so they have to show off their personality in different ways. Badge reels are one of the few ways they can do that. You can find many unique badge reels that are hand-painted, monogrammed or even have phrases from TV shows and movies!

Hand Cream

Constantly washing and sanitizing your hands can dry them out. Get them some hand cream to help put moisture back into their hands after a long day at work or in between the many patients they see. You can find travel-size hand cream they can keep in their scrubs pockets, or give them a large bottle to use at home. 

Homemade Treats

Who doesn’t love a box of homemade treats? You can create unique medical-themed sugar cookies, decorated with royal icing for the nurses at your doctor’s office. Decorate the box any way you’d like and then deliver it during lunchtime, early in the day or closer to closing. Consider finding ways to make your homemade treats healthier, such as using sugar substitutes.

Nurses are an integral part of the medical community. They’re often the first people patients come into contact with once they’ve signed in. Nurses go through rigorous education and put in long hours. Show them how much you appreciate them by giving them a few gifts that are sure to make them smile.

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