13 Timeless Groomsmen Gift Ideas

You might not have considered it, but giving a gift or two to each of your groomsmen is a thoughtful way to thank them for being a part of your big day. Your gifts to them don’t have to be big. We’re sharing some of our favorite personalized groomsmen gift ideas with you to show you the perfect gifts to give!

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Personalized Duffel Bag: The guys are going to need something to bring their items in to get ready! From brushes to hair gel, your guys should show up to your “getting ready” location in style. We have a variety of monogrammed duffel bags to choose from–in many color combinations, too!

Personalized Keychain: A personalized keychain is a simple, practical and thoughtful gift. Practically everyone has keys, and having unique keychains help you to recognize them if you accidentally lose them! The guys will love a simple personalized keychain to add to their keys.

Personalized Drinkware: Probably the most classic groomsmen gift of all, personalized drinkware is perfect for your big day–like for cheers with the guys before picture hour using any of our unique personalized drinkware options. From tumblers to coffee mugs, we have it all! With so many unique designs and phrases to choose from, you can get them each a whole set.

Engraved Bottle Opener: The guys are definitely going to need a bottle opener to use at your wedding! Why not get them their own set of groomsmen bottle openers? Engrave them each with their name, and include your wedding details on the other side! They’re a great gift to give the guys.

engraved groomsman bottle opener

Engraved Pocket Knife: Your guys will love to add an extra pocket knife to their collection! Our pocket knives come in many different patterns and sizes. From wooden handles to hunting knives with LED lights, you can find the perfect pocket knife for each of your guys.

Groomsmen Can Wraps: Perfect for soda cans and beer bottles, groomsmen can wraps are great for outdoor events. Give the guys their own unique set of personalized groomsmen can wraps, some of our favorite personalized gifts for him! The guys can use them during the event–especially if your wedding is outdoors. Plus, they’re a great reminder for the guys to have that they were part of your special day.

Photo Frame: Pictures really are worth a thousand words–but photo frames help you say more than that! Get each of the guys one of our personalized photo frames, complete with a printed photo of you with them, either at your bachelor party or another memory in your friendship. They will love the sentimental gift to add to their collection of photos at home.

Personalized Lighter: A personalized groomsmen lighter is the perfect gift to give when you all smoke your celebratory cigars before or after your ceremony. Celebrate the night right with any of our groomsmen lighters! You can even use them to help light the sparklers for the sparkler send-off at the end of the night.

wedding party lighters

A Groomsmen Gift Box: If you want to give a little bit of everything to your groomsmen, consider giving a groomsmen gift box! Fill it with all of the small gifts you want to give, each with their name etched into the top or somewhere on the box itself. You can use a shadow box, a wicker basket or even a regular lockbox. Fill it with everything they’ll need for your big day!

A Hangover Basket: We all know the groomsmen party the hardest, so they’re going to need a bit of help recovering the next day. Get them a hangover basket filled with the essentials for getting through the day after a long night: mouthwash, headache medicine, soap, gum and even instant coffee. They’ll be very appreciative that you took the time to care about their well-being the next day.

Personalized Groomsmen Socks: Help the guys ring in your big day by giving them all matching groomsmen socks to wear! These gifts will be great for photo ops. Don’t forget to let your photographers know so they can make sure to snap some pictures! You can include the details of your wedding, a funny groomsman saying or just match the colors or patterns.

Personalized Sunglasses: Give the guys some sunnies for the big day! They’ll love rolling up to your getting-ready location in style or having them to use as fun props during picture hour. Plus, they can use them after your wedding day!

Gift Cards: Sometimes, the best gifts you can give are the simplest ones. Many guys like to receive simple gifts that don’t require much fanfare, so gift cards to their favorite restaurants or even a card with information about a pre-paid night out for you all can be the best gift to give them. You know your groomsmen best, so pick what you know they’ll love!

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