10 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas to Give Your Girl Tribe

Your bridesmaids are the girls who have stuck with you through thick and thin, excited to see you step into married life. Some of them might be married themselves, or they might be considering entering into marriage soon. Either way, these women are your girl tribe, loved dearly by you–so it’s important you show them how thankful you are by giving them some unique bridesmaid gifts! We put together a list of some of our favorite bridesmaid gift ideas for you to give your girl tribe on your special day as a way to say thanks.

Engraved Jewelry Boxes: Give your bridesmaids a personalized gift that will make their hearts soar. They’ll love having a special place to put their jewelry, and they’ll think of you and your special day each time they look at it. For a special twist, give them the jewelry you want them to wear at the wedding in the jewelry box! That way, they don’t have to pick out their own jewelry and you can ensure everyone is coordinated and uniform for your wedding photos.

Single Initial Glitter Tumblers | Personalized Bridesmaid Glasses

Personalized Drinkware: Whether it’s coffee mugs, reusable tumblers or monogrammed flasks, personalized drinkware is all the rage right now! The best part about drinkware is that it’s versatile. You can use coffee mugs for tea or tumblers for wine! We have a variety of personalized drinkware you can look through to determine which will be the best personalized bridesmaid gifts to give. With so many colors, patterns and fonts to choose from, we know you’ll have lots of fun selecting them!

Tote Bags: Your bridesmaids are going to need something to put their clothes, accessories and other items in on your special day. Why not get them matching tote bags? Our personalized tote bags are perfect for you to give your bridesmaids on your wedding day. In fact, you can even give them to your bridesmaids at the rehearsal dinner so they have something to pack their items in the night before.

T-shirts: Bridal party t-shirts are so fun! Give your bridesmaids matching t-shirts to commemorate their part in your big day. Don’t forget a bride t-shirt for yourself to wear, too! Take it a step further and get the guys matching shirts to wear on the big day, too. You can even give each pair walking in or out together a set of shirts that match.

Robes: If your bridesmaids would prefer, you can also get them personalized matching robes to wear while you all get ready on your wedding day. Many choose floral patterns, but you could go with practically any color or pattern! You can also choose to have them personalized with each bridesmaid’s initials, or you could have the details of your wedding added to the robes.

personalized bridesmaid picture frame

A Photo Frame: Get each of your bridesmaids a unique personalized photo gift to commemorate your wedding day! Take pictures with each of them, either at the rehearsal or your bachelorette party, and then have the prints made and insert them into one of our many personalized photo frames. Give them to your bridesmaids on your special day as a way to say thanks for being there through every step of your wedding planning journey!

Bracelets: Commemorate your special day by giving each of your bridesmaids a bangle or other bracelet to wear for the wedding ceremony! Not only will they have a piece of jewelry to take with them once the event’s over, but they will also look cohesive and uniform in your wedding photos.

Engraved Hangers: Using engraved hangers for your bridal party is not only a great personalized bridesmaid gift, but also great for your photographer to use for detail shots! Detail shots are those photos that really give emotion to the preparations of your wedding. From hair and makeup styling to layouts of the rings and other small details, those shots are important to have on your wedding day. Having items such as engraved hangers really adds that special touch to those photos.

Embroidered Initial Slippers for bridesmaids
Personalized Shoes: Whether it’s flip-flops or fuzzy slippers to wear while getting ready, giving your bridesmaids some personalized shoes with their title or name is a special gift to give them! If you’re really feeling out-of-the-box, you could even get each bridesmaid her own sneakers to wear after the ceremony! Many brides change out of their formal heels after the ceremony and pictures are taken, so why not include the bridesmaids in that? Then, you all can still match post-ceremony but be comfortable about it!

Labeled Candles: Give your bridesmaids a unique wedding gift by giving them a personalized candle! Personalize the label of the candle with her name, thank her for being your bridesmaid or put the details of your wedding into the lid. Make sure you use scents for the candle that are mellow and soft. You don’t want to aggravate any of the allergies of your bridesmaids!

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