The Top 10 Quarantine Gifts to Send to Friends, Family and Coworkers

Today’s times of social distancing and virtual gatherings require some creativity when it comes to celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and even weddings! We’ve put together some of our favorite gifts you can send to your loved ones–and even your coworkers!–as we quarantine our way through this season. With our suggestions, you’ll knock these quarantine events out of the park!

A Photo Canvas: Send your loved ones a photo canvas filled with photo memories! Our vast array of unique photo gifts will make quarantine a little easier. A photo canvas is a great way to place multiple photos on one item. Choose your favorite for each loved one in your life!

dad Photo Canvas

Delivered Treats: Many local businesses are offering delivery services, especially local bakeries! Use this time to invest in your local small business and order some delicious sweets to deliver to your loved ones. No matter the occasion, delivered treats, such as cupcakes, brownies or cookies, are great gifts to give during quarantine! You could even make your own treats and deliver them to your loved ones who live nearby–all while staying at a safe distance, of course!

A Glitter Bomb: This gift choice is only for the pranksters in the friend group! Glitter bombs take a while to clean up, but they are funny to the right people. Make sure you send it to someone who will appreciate the humor!

A Gift Box: You can send them a box filled with small goodies of all different types, such as coffee mugs, body scrub, their favorite candy or other small trinkets. You could even send a virtual party box, filled with necessary party items such as streamers, balloons and confetti so that everyone can decorate their spaces to join in the virtual celebrations! It will be really cool to see how everyone decorated their backdrops for your virtual party.

Something Personalized: Personalized items are perfect gifts to give, no matter the occasion. But, in times such as these, they give that extra-special touch. In fact, they make for some of the best personalized gifts for Mom! We have a variety of gift options, including personalized tote bags, drinkware and garden flags! She’ll be so thankful you took the time to find a gift with that special ingredient of personalization.

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A Handwritten Note: Sometimes, the best gift you can give is a handwritten note. Send a sweet letter with words of encouragement or appreciation to your loved ones during the quarantine time. They’ll love getting handwritten mail! It shows you took the time to pen something personal and unique to each of them. You can tell a story of a memory, send them a joke or two, or you can send a family picture! Either way, a handwritten note is a great gift to give during quarantine.

A Card Game: Ever hosted a virtual game night? Now you can! Send each of your close-knit group of family or friends a specific card game for each of you to play, such as Uno or a standard deck of playing cards. You can virtually play games like poker, rummy or even Go Fish! by having everyone shuffle their own decks and keep track of their own hands. Designate one person to serve as scorekeeper, tallying up the points after each round.

A Bouquet of Flowers: This gift is perfect for the friends and family who don’t have allergies! Sending over a bouquet of flowers is a fun and sweet way to tell them you love and miss them during quarantine. Send their favorite flowers or an arrangement filled with lots of different types of flowers, having it delivered right to their door.

personalized happy camper yard sign

A Yard Sign: A yard sign is a perfect way to tell someone Happy Birthday–and have their neighbors know, too! The best part about yard signs is that you can purchase the sign, take it to your friend, family member or coworker’s yard and place it yourself. Our personalized yard signs are perfect personalized gifts to give for a loved one’s birthday.

A Cookbook: Since everyone is staying in these days, a cookbook is the perfect quarantine gift! Many families are cooking more often than usual, so they’ll need some recipe inspiration. Cookbooks are great for that. Send your friends and loved ones the same cookbook and then choose a different recipe from it each day to make on a video call together! Host a competition and have your family members rate your dishes. Whoever has the highest number at the end wins!

Even in today’s uncertain times, we can still celebrate together. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or graduation, video calls and mailed gifts are great ways to show each other how much we still care–even if we can’t celebrate in person together.

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