Wondering What to Do for Mother’s Day? Here Are 8 Fun Activities

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably started the gift hunt for your Mom. What do you get the woman who’s got everything? Instead of getting her a gift this year, why not do something fun with her? We’ve put together a list of fun activities you can do with your Mom this year for Mother’s Day–all while staying safe, of course!

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Cook together virtually: Instead of taking a cooking class together, why not cook a meal together over video? She can teach you her favorite recipe, or you can guide her through one of yours. Have some laughs and enjoy a meal together safely, all from the comfort of your homes. Don’t forget to wear your matching personalized Mother’s Day shirts!

Plant a garden: On a warm spring day like Mother’s Day, take some time to plant a garden with your Mom. Whether you put in seeds for seasonal blooms or plant some greenery that’s already had some time to grow, your Mom will just be glad to spend some time with you. A garden flag or some garden stones would be great personalized Mother’s Day gifts to give your Mom. She’ll love getting to place them in her yard!

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Send her a bouquet of fresh flowers: With so many florists doing delivery these days, why not send her a bouquet of fresh flowers? Ask your florist to create a one-of-a-kind arrangement that’s perfect for your mom. Include her favorite flowers and some other seasonal blooms for an arrangement that will have her smiling all Mother’s Day long. Personalized Ceramic Family Photo Vase

Take an art class together: While in-person paint-and-sip classes might not be on the top of the list of activities to do during the pandemic, taking a regular painting or drawing class together can be very fun! Many are meeting virtually, too, so you can always do it in the comfort of your own homes to avoid going out into any crowds. The virtual option is great if you both really prefer having a cocktail or two while learning to paint. Most classes will provide you with all the supplies you need, plus canvases with pre-drawn stencils on them. You’ll basically be painting by number!

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Take some family photos: If it’s been a while since the two of you have gotten family photos taken, why not do some this Mother’s Day? Your photographer doesn’t need to get up close and personal with you–that’s what a zoom lens is for! Spending time together and taking some updated family photos, or even just mother/child photos, can be a perfect activity to do for Mother’s Day this year. We have a variety of personalized photo gifts that will be great for you to give using the photos you take at the shoot!

Have a movie night: Movie night is great for Mother’s Day! Queue up her favorite movie, prepare some of her favorite snacks and curl up under the blankets for an unforgettable Mother’s Day. Sometimes, the most low-key activities turn out to be the best option. It’s simple to plan and all about the quality time together. There are some days Mom just needs a relaxing evening with the kiddos. Engraved Garden Stone

Take a trip to the local market: As the weather gets better, spending time outdoors is great for your–and your Mom’s!–health. You can keep socially distanced from others at your local market, too. Choose a time to go when it’s probably not as busy (either when it first opens or right when it’s about to close). You both can pick out fresh produce and support local businesses, all while enjoying a safe activity together!

Clean for her: While she’s at work or out grocery shopping, why not clean the house for her? It’s such a sweet gesture she’ll definitely love. Take the time to get all the places she probably would only do in a deep clean–wipe the baseboards, wash the windows and dust the ceiling vents. She won’t know what to do when she gets home and smells the clean air!

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