Fun Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming up! While there’s always pressure to find a special gift for your significant other, you also can’t neglect the oh-so-important task of making the day, night, or weekend one to remember. Don’t just do the same old thing every year! Here are some fun Valentine’s Day date ideas we came up with to help you if you need some inspiration.


Home-Cooked Dinner

Valentine's Day Dinner

One way to switch things up is to altogether avoid the chaos of going out on Valentine’s Day. Instead, put the effort into cooking a delicious meal you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. Here are some great recipe ideas that are sure to impress. An alternate plan is to go out on February 13th or 15th! You’ll have less to worry about in terms of getting dinner reservations, your meals will probably be cheaper, and you’ll have less trouble with parking and traffic.


Go On a Hike

Valentine's Day Date Hike

If you’re looking for fun but frugal Valentine’s Day plans, there are plenty of free activities the two of you can do together. If it’s a nice day, go for a hike! It’s good to have some time away from smartphones and social media to enjoy the outdoors and spend some time deep in conversation with your partner. This helpful site will show you all the trails near you and their ratings.


See a Show

Valentine's Day date ideas

Whether it’s music, standup comedy, or an improv show, it can be a lot of fun to enjoy some live entertainment with your partner on Valentine’s Day. Kick back, order some drinks, and have a great time!


Scavenger/Treasure Hunt

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for an adventurous way to spend the special day, set up a scavenger or treasure hunt for your partner to complete with you! Write up a list of clues for them to follow that can relate to special memories the two of you have made together. Then you’ll have a romantic outing in which you can reminisce about some of your favorite memories while making new ones. If you opt for a treasure hunt, you can have a special gift ready to give them at the final location!


Explore the City

Valentine's Day City Exploration

Load into the car with a playlist of your favorite tunes ready to go, and hit the road! Explore some areas near your home that you don’t normally spend much time in, or even take a short (or long) road trip somewhere you haven’t been. You can allocate a certain number of “stops” for both of you, which can be used to get out of the car and, say, sample an ice cream parlor, check out a park, or go into a museum. This can be a blast to do in a day, or even devote a full weekend if you want to do a more thorough exploration!

With all of these fun Valentine’s Day date ideas, don’t forget to also cap off your day of romance with a unique Valentine Day gift that personally says, “I love you.”

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