8 Unique Photo Gifts to Make Your Memories Last

We’re willing to bet that if you opened the photos app on your phone, you’d see thousands of pictures, snapped over a period of weeks, months or years, telling the story of your life’s biggest milestones and brightest moments. Most likely, no matter how many likes they earned you on social media, very few of them have made it out of the digital ether and into the physical world. Why is this?

Personalized Photo Collage Sherpa Blanket

Personalized Photo Collage Sherpa Blanket

As much as we love snapping photos, we tend to look at printing and framing as a bit of a chore, something extra that sucks up time and costs us money. This is one of the reasons why surprising someone special with a unique photo gift is always a smile-earner—it immortalizes a cherished moment while also checking a task or two off your recipient’s to-do list. Win-win for all parties!

Whether for a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday or just because, bringing photos from digital dead-zone to real life is an amazing way to celebrate it. To get you inspired, here are some of our favorite personalized photo gifts to give for all things celebratory.

  1. A Cuddly Photo Blanket—Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up surrounded by their favorite memories? A personalized photo blanket acts as a modern-day quilt, bringing together meaningful snippets from life to create a nostalgic collage that brings you comfort and warmth throughout the year. 
  2. An Attention-Grabbing Photo Tie—Looking for a funny yet thoughtful gift that would make any dad, grandpa or brother grin from ear to ear? A photo tie will do the trick! Personalize it with your favorite pics and watch as all his friends and colleagues stop to admire and inquire.

    Custom Photo TieCustom Photo Tie

  3. A Picture-Perfect Personalized Mug—It’s a safe bet that your recipient will make use out of this practical photo display. It’s an even safer bet that they’ll love to drink out of something with their face on it! To knock it out of the park and to give it an even more personalized feel, you can stuff the mug with goodies for an extra-custom present tailored to your recipient. 
  4. A Photo-Worthy Pint Glass—Is your recipient a home-brewer or beer connoisseur? Then you can bet this sweet gift will get everyone raising a glass to you! It’s even better when you pair it with a six-pack of ice-cold beer. If the pint glass isn’t the perfect fit, we’ve got personalized drinkware for all beverage preferences, from wine glasses to water bottles.

    Frosted Photo Pint GlassFrosted Photo Pint Glass

  5. A Personalized Photo Frame—Start adding all of your most frame-worthy snapshots to a special album on your phone, because the personalized photo gift frame is about to bring them all to life. This is the ultimate functional photo gift, and it’s definitely one that will be showcased by your giftee indefinitely. 
  6. An Eye-Catching Photo Throw Pillow—What better place to think about your dearest family members than the living room or family room? A personalized pillow gives any décor a totally personalized flair, and you can bet it will stay in the rotation for years to come, serving as a cherished family favorite.Personalized Photo Throw Pillow

    Personalized Photo Throw Pillow

  7. A Chef-Approved Photo Apron—Anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen or at the grill will get a kick out of wearing a personalized apron. Paired with some handy kitchen utensils and maybe even a best-selling cookbook or two, this present is sure to charm any avid chef. 
  8. A Festive Photo Ornament—This is one of those unique, custom photo gifts that you know is going to get handed down to the next generation. Featuring a full-color photo on one side with the name and year on the other, it’s a special way to jazz up the tree for newlyweds, new homeowners and new parents.

Your Source for Unique Photo Gifts

There’s no better place to look for thoughtful and unique photo gifts than GiftsForYouNow. Whether you’re honoring a parent, a child, a sibling or a close friend, you can count on us to help you give true one-of-a-kinds that garner big grins. We’re all about helping you make your memories last, and these gifts embody that philosophy to perfection.

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