Unique Photo Mug Gifts That Are Great for Friends and Loved Ones

Whether it’s for their morning cup (or cups) of coffee or tea, lots of people start off their day with a mug in their hand. But sometimes sipping from the same mug morning after morning can get old. Plus, with all the microwaving and dishwashing that a mug goes through, it’s eventually going to need to be replaced. When it comes time to replace your mug, there are many options you could explore, but why go with something generic and boring?

We are proud to offer a variety of unique mugs that appeal to a wide range of visual preferences. You’ll even find numerous seasonal mug choices so you can switch over to new mugs throughout the year. One of the coolest parts: You can even design a super-unique mug for yourself or a loved one by adding a photo to it. Here are some of our favorite photo mugs.

Photo Mugs for Parents

family photo coffee mug

This Personalized 3-Photo Collage Mug is a great gift for Mom and Dad to show off their lovely family. Choose your favorite family photos that preserve cherished memories with everyone.

For Mom

Personalized Mom Photo Mug

This Mom Photo Mug is a great gift for the new mom in your life. She’ll love seeing her sweet baby and her new title every morning and while she stays caffeinated throughout the day.  

For Dad

photo coffee mug for dad

Our World’s Greatest Mug is a great photo memento for Father’s Day or Dad’s birthday. He’ll appreciate the daily reminder that you think he’s the world’s greatest and the photo memento for years to come.

Photo Mugs for Grandparents

For Grandma

photo mug for grandma

This Personalized Grandma Photo Mug makes an excellent gift for Grandma’s birthday or Grandparents Day. She’ll love seeing her sweet smiling grandchildren every time she opens the cabinet to grab a mug and the daily reminder of just how loved she is by her family.

For GrandpaProduct Image

This We Love You Photo Word-Art mug is a great way for Grandpa to see his adorable grandchildren and be reminded of everything they love about him. He’s sure to extend his morning coffee time to not have to put this mug down. 

Photo Mugs for Pet Owners

For Dog Owners

dog photo coffee mug

This personalized coffee mug is a great way to show off your dog lover’s favorite photo of their best friend. Seeing their furry face is guaranteed to kick their coffee into overdrive and start their day off on the happiest note.

For Cat Owners

I Love My Cat Personalized Photo Coffee Mug

Give the cat lover in your life a truly unique gift that will have them purring with excitement. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to be reminded each morning of who they really love the most.

Photo Mugs with Unique Designs

Photo Word Search Coffee Mug

Personalized Word Search photo mug

We also offer photo mugs with unique designs like a personalized photo word search. It makes a one-of-a-kind gift for the coffee lover to see their favorite photo of their family and cherish the words that best represent their family.

Christmas Photo Mugs

christmas photo coffee mug

Our Christmas Photo Collage mug is a great holiday gift the whole family can enjoy. It’s the perfect size for hot chocolate during holiday movie marathons or hot coffee on Christmas morning to enjoy while opening gifts.

We hope you enjoyed getting a taste of our selection of unique photo mugs. Check out the rest of our wide variety of personalized drinkware for a range of recipients!

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