Best Personalized Gifts for Stocking Stuffers

personalized gifts for stocking stuffers

It’s our very favorite time of year…stocking stuffer season! Do you know the history behind Christmas stockings? Legend has it that the charitable Saint Nicholas wanted to help the needy in secret, so he would sneak into homes after dark to leave behind gold. As the story goes, during one visit—when Saint Nick snuck in to leave a gift for a poor man who had no dowry for his unmarried daughters—he accidentally dropped bars of gold into the man’s stockings, which were hanging on the chimney to dry.

Whether the legend is rooted in truth or not is up for debate, but one thing’s for sure: As your partner in all things personalization, we love giving stocking stuffer gifts and we’re glad the tradition exists. Be sure to browse this awesome stocking stuffer guide to find the perfect one for everyone on your nice list, kids and grown-ups alike. Oh, and don’t forget the personalized stockings to ensure that Mr. Claus doesn’t accidentally put the stuffers in the wrong stockings after his journey down the chimney!

Personalized Stocking Stuffers for Kids

What makes the ideal kids’ stocking stuffers? Personalization, of course! These handpicked gifts should also be affordable (you’ll find that all of the items listed below can be nabbed for under $21) and small enough so that they don’t stick out of the top of the sock. 

We also recommend picking something that’s super practical and can be used all year, like drinkware, games, or stuffed animals. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt if your present helps encourage good behavior, like saving money or doing homework, all while bringing fun and joy on Christmas morning.

1. A Personalized Water Bottle—Is there any kids’ present more practical than a water bottle with his or her name on it? Think about it: These handy little vessels are clearly marked so no one mistakenly takes a swig or grabs the wrong one after practice. Plus, they help teach little ones the importance of staying hydrated in an eco-friendly way with minimal waste! We’ve got personalized styles you’ll love for kids and grown-ups.

2. A Personalized Nightlight—Santa loves the idea of giving out personalized nightlights because they help him make his way in the dark! Featuring fun designs for boys and girls—sports themes, trains, animals, mermaids—this present will double down on the personalization factor because it features your recipient’s name (or initial) plus a design that celebrates exactly what they’re into.

personalized nightlight

3. A Personalized Piggy Bank—Another stocking-sized specialty that’s perfect for teaching valuable life lessons, this custom piggy bank is ideal for kids aged 4 and up (research shows that money habits are actually set by the age of 7). Customized with your little one’s name or initial and a unique design, this one is sure to get lots of use throughout the year and makes a great place to stash the holiday cash gifted by grandma.

4. A Personalized Dog Tag Necklace—Your kids will adore a personalized necklace featuring their name and a cool design that reflects their personality. These fun, wearable presents come with an included beaded necklace and an eye-catching metal tag.

5. A Personalized Winter Hat—As much as you love giving games, toys, and electronics, it’s hard to shake the practical parent inside you. Make sure your little ones are bundled up when it’s cold out! Choose an embroidered beanie and scarf for the whole winter package!

personalized winter hat

6. A Personalized Pencil Case—If you’ve got a school-aged kid on your list this year, consider giving some personalized school supplies, like an embroidered pencil case in an animal-themed design. We have styles featuring sharks, unicorns and butterflies, so there’s definitely one for your nice-lister, no matter what he or she is into at the moment.

7. A Personalized Notebook—The perfect complement to your custom pencil case, a personalized notebook will help encourage your youngsters to write, draw, and do their homework. They’ll also get kids excited to go back to school after winter break–if you can imagine that! Create a themed stocking and add in some cute pencils and erasers to tie it all together.

8. A Personalized Pillow Case—Add personalized pizzazz to your little one’s room with custom pillow cases for kids. These special extras are unique because they come in so many different motifs to honor exactly what your recipient is into, whether it be space, sports, marine life, pirates or fairy tales. They also come in standard pillow sizes and throw pillows, so you can layer them for a fantastically fun look. 

9. A Personalized Puzzle—When it comes to personalized stocking stuffers for the little ones, few things are better than a gift that will entertain them for hours on Christmas morning. Give the gift of a personalized puzzle featuring fun motifs and unique designs. You can select a photo puzzle with his or her favorite pic or opt for a design showcasing a name or initial. 

10. A Personalized Luggage Grip—Perfect for little jetsetters, a personalized luggage grip makes it easy for them to add some flair to their suitcase, plus they’ll be able to easily spot it at baggage claim! The comfy neoprene grip allows for easy traversal through a crowded airport. We also offer a super-cute unicorn design!

personalized kids' luggage grip

11. A Personalized Apron—If you’ve got a future chef or baker on your hands, surprise them with a personalized apron featuring a fun holiday motif. This gift is excellent for pairing with other baking-themed accoutrements, like sweet cookie cutters or a rolling pin. You might not be able to resist giving it before Christmas morning so they can wear it as they help you whip up traditional holiday cookies and treats.

Personalized Stocking Stuffers for Adults

Who says adults shouldn’t get stocking stuffers, too? Not us! These grown-up stocking stuffers are perfect for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and even teenagers. Add a few bars of dark chocolate or his or her favorite holiday treat and you’ve got yourself a game-winning stocking for every person on your list. You’ll find personalized gifts in this list that ring up for under $15, so they’re perfect for lots of gifting opportunities.

12. A Personalized Mini Flask—Raise a flask to the holiday season with a personalized flask that’s sized just right to fit inside his or her stocking. If you want to create an adult-themed stocking, consider pairing this cute little flask with mini bottles of liquor in your recipient’s favorite varieties or adding in a personalized shot glass for good measure!

personalized mini flask

13. A Personalized Keychain—Keychains are like candles and phone chargers in that they’re basically universal—everyone likes them! We’ve got lots of fun, personalized keychains that you can use to top off their stocking, including styles in wood, leather, and silver, to suit their personality or style preferences. They’re perfect for the car-lover or new homeowner, too.

14. A Personalized Coffee Mug—If your recipient just so happens to be a serious java-lover, then you’ve got to consider stuffing that stocking with a customized coffee mug. Available in tons of unique colors, designs, and motifs, there’s a mug in our selection to match his or her personality. We love this idea because it can be paired with a bag of beans for a fun theme!

15. A Personalized Mouse Pad—Parents and grandparents would be delighted to look down from their computer and see a photo of their family, which is why photo mouse pads are perfect stocking stuffers for adults. You can also opt for a mouse pad that features a personalized word search design, a calendar, or simply your recipient’s name or monogram.

16. A Personalized Dish Towel—Give the gift of a dish towel with your recipient’s name, initial or monogram for an excellent way to help them make their kitchen their own. This is an awesome stocking stuffer for the lady or gent in your life who loves to cook or who just moved into a new home. And it’s always a winner since you know it’ll get lots of use throughout the year!

personalized dish towel

17. A Personalized Bottle Opener—Affordable, practical, and thoughtful to boot, a personalized bottle opener is a surefire way to win yourself some massive stocking stuffer street cred! We offer engraved styles for virtually any personality, whether the giftee is into camping, fishing, craft beer, or just loves having a couple of cold ones with his or her best friends.

18. A Personalized Desk Calendar—Calendars are arguably some of the most practical holiday gifts ever. What better time to restock on your planners and desk calendars than before the beginning of the new year? They’re also great gifts because they’re affordable and easy to personalize, so you come away with a great gift for anyone–including friends and co-workers.

19. A Personalized Wine Tumbler—We adore stemless wine tumblers for stocking stuffing for the simple fact that they’re smaller than their full-sized counterparts and therefore don’t take up as much precious stocking space. But trust us when we say they still do the job right! Grab one that plays into his or her personality and pair it with a nice bottle of red or white.

20. A Personalized Can Cooler—We’re sad about the fact that his or her favorite six-pack probably won’t fit inside a stocking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your recipient’s healthy obsession with craft beverages (or soda, if that’s their thing) to the fullest. Plus, our wide variety means you’ll be able to find an option that will feel tailor-made to your recipient, no matter their personality, preferred beverage, or unique sense of style.

personalized can cooler

21. A Personalized Keepsake Box—Got a friend or family member notorious for a cluttered nightstand or drawer? Help them neaten things up with a personalized jewelry or keepsake box. Great for rings, watches, cufflinks, bracelets, necklaces, and those spare buttons that seem to wind up everywhere, these cute little boxes are perfect, practical, and personal.

22. A Personalized Bookmark—Books are amazing stocking stuffers for recipients at any age, and you can take this motif up a few notches when you pair a few stocking-worthy books with a personalized bookmark. These small but special presents are guaranteed to delight any voracious reader on your list and they’re fun to tuck inside the pages as a sweet little surprise. 

Thousands More Gifts to Explore

Don’t see the perfect stocking stuffer in this selection? Don’t worry. GiftsForYouNow has the best personalized gifts for truly any occasion or recipient, and we’re sure you’ll find something that tickles your stocking stuffer fancy in this amazing array. With quick shipping—even during the crazy holiday rush—plus excellent customer service and an unmatched selection, trust us as your go-to stocking stuffer supplier this season.

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