Personalized Easter Bunnies

Spring is approaching, and you know what that means: bunnies! Soon there will be cottontails hopping all over the place. Spring also marks the holiday of Easter, making this the perfect time to give your loved ones bunnies of their own.

Our personalized Easter bunnies are soft and cuddly and sure to make your recipients very
happy. We have bunnies in baskets and some offering treats, others dressed in t-shirts or
adorning bandanas. We have a variety of Easter bunnies, but one thing they all have in
common: Each will be made specifically for your special someone.
Personalized Somebunny Loves Me Easter Bunny 866508

Here are our favorite Easter beauties:

Personalized My First Easter Bunny
A baby’s first Easter happens only once and should be remembered. Commemorate the
occasion with this personalized My First Easter Bunny customized with your little hare’s name.

Personalized Easter Initial Bunny
Can we get a ‘B’ for bunny? How about an ‘A’ for any initial you want! This fuzzy custom initial Easter bunny is wearing a t-shirt that will be personalized with a name and any initial.

Personalized Happy Easter Photo Bunny
Put a face you love on a cute bunny’s belly. The personalized Happy Easter photo bunny is
wearing a t-shirt that will be created using your digital picture and will be customized further with any year.

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