24 Personalized Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

personalized Christmas gifts

Christmas is the time of year for sharing, caring and showing your love, and there’s no better way to do it than with personalized Christmas gifts selected just for your recipient. Going the personalized route means giving the gift of something he or she is guaranteed to cherish for a lifetime and showcase with pride. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which one is best for your recipient or the occasion? With the help of GiftsForYouNow, you’ll be well on your way to racking up the gift-giving points with a vengeance, and everyone will take note! 

personalized hat and scarf

Kids’ Monogrammed Hats and Scarves

From comfy blankies and wooly scarves to practical household essentials emblazoned with initials, here are some of our first-tier picks for personalized stocking stuffers the whole family will totally adore. Browse this comprehensive guide for fresh new ideas that are ready and willing to be topped with a bow and tucked in a stocking or placed beneath the tree.


For Mom, Grandma or Aunt

The ladies in your life deserve all the love, and we all know they work harder than anybody else and love their family something fierce. Because of this, we adore the idea of giving Moms, Grandmas, Aunts and Sisters something that encourages long days of self-care, rest and relaxation. We also love anything that helps them show off their family or enjoy the hobbies they love the most, whether that be reading, gardening, cooking, painting or sampling fresh brews of tea or beer.

personalized afghan blanket

Home is Where Mom Is Personalized Blanket


  1. For Mom: A Cozy, Personalized BlanketEveryone loves to cuddle up in a blanket with their name on it, especially during the cold holiday season. Grab a gift made just for your lounge-loving mama, like this “Home Is Where Mom Is” personalized throw blanket. Customize it with three lines of messages for a sweet-as-can-be tribute to the matriarch. 
  2. For Mom: A Personalized Tote Bag—Your Mom loves you to the moon and back, and we’re willing to bet she’d tote you whatever you need from the moon and back, too. These practical, personalized totes are a big winner for Moms who love things both sweet and sensible. And we all know they can be used for everything from groceries to gym gear.
  3. For Mom: A Personalized Christmas Ornament—Decorate the holiday tree with something extra-special, hung up just for Mom. This sweet word-art ornament features text that reads “The Best Mom Ever” coupled with all the adjectives that describe her perfectly—soft, loving, patient, warm and comforting. Plus, you can select up to five symbols to make it totally her.
  4. For Grandma: An Engraved Wine Tumbler—If you’ve got a Grandma who doubles as a sommelier, then you can’t go wrong with a personalized wine tumbler featuring three lines of custom text. If you really want to go big, you can even use this as the centerpiece of your DIY wine gift basket. Throw in some cheese, crackers and her favorite bottle of vintage (or two).
  5. For Grandma: A Personalized Grandma T-Shirt—The best thing about Grandmas is how much they love their Grandkids, right? Any proud nana would adore a personalized T-shirt with wording that reads “My Grandkids Make Me Smile.” Don’t be surprised when she shows up to all birthdays, recitals and graduations rocking one of these sweet tees.
  6. For Grandma: A Personalized Photo Blanket—What’s one thing Grandma loves more than anything in the world? Photos of her Grandkids, of course! Let her cuddle them year-round with a throw decorated from top-to-bottom with awesome shots. It’s sure to keep her warm during the holidays!
  7. For Aunt: A Personalized Aunt Bracelet—Aunts deserve all the love, so why not show it with a one-of-a-kind Aunt bracelet personalized with her name? You can even make it totally tailored to her with a birthstone crystal that adds a pop of color. This is one Aunt-approved item you can be sure she’ll wear for years.
  8. For Aunt: A Personalized Photo Cube—Featuring four sides of photos and wording personalized to her, a photo cube is a great way to help any Auntie show her love for her nieces and nephews at work or at home. You’ll have a blast searching through your favorite photos and choosing the best ones to showcase.
  9. For Aunt: A Personalized Aunt Picture Frame—Think you’ve got the world’s coolest Aunt? Show her off with this personalized wood photo frame designed just for awesome Aunties. All you’ve got to do is choose your favorite pic, wrap it up and watch as she grins from ear to ear as she opens it.


For Dad, Grandpa or Uncle

Even if they’ve got a long list of hobbies and interests, the guys of the family are some of the toughest to buy for. We love the idea of going with personalized presents for him that cater to all of his favorite things—beer, sports, hiking, fishing, snapping photos, reading, traveling, cooking, whatever. Luckily, we offer an incredible assortment of personalized gifts for the guys so you knock it out of the park and find something that feels totally tailored to him, regardless of how he prefers to spend his free time.

personalized beer glass

Personalized Craft Brewing Co. Beer Can Glass


  1. For Dad: A Personalized Beer Can Glass—If he’s crazy about beer, you can’t go wrong with a personalized beer can glass with his name etched front-and-center. Featuring a unique craft brewing theme, you can have it customized with his name, city and state for a show-stopper like no other. For a smile-inducing stocking stuffer, add a six-pack of his favorite brew, too!  
  2. For Dad: A Personalized Photo Tie—A guaranteed smile-maker, a personalized photo tie is the best way for Dad to (quite literally) show his family love from the heart. The perfect pick for any guy who likes to dress dapper and doesn’t mind a novelty item or two, a photo tie always keeps everyone smiling! 
  3. For Dad: An Engraved Pocket Watch—Whether he’s a serious watch collector or loves all things sentimental, this engraved pocket watch will definitely become an item he will cherish forever. You can personalize it with an initial, name and two lines of custom messaging. Perhaps you can have it engraved with a heartfelt poem or quote about Dad.
  4. For Grandpa: A Personalized Coffee Mug—If there’s one thing in life that’s constant, it’s Grandpa and his coffee. Pick up a bag of his favorite locally roasted beans and tie it all together with this awesome custom coffee mug. You can have it personalized with his title, name and symbols that represent him to a T.
  5. For Grandpa: An Engraved Watch Box—Does your Gramps have a timekeeper collection that impresses all? Then a personalized watch box is just what he needs. Complete the sentiment with a title and custom message engraved on the top so he thinks of you every morning as he’s getting ready.
  6. For Grandpa: A Personalized Grandpa Hat—Gramps will absolutely love to show off his Grandpa status in one of our fun, embroidered hats. You can customize it with your recipient’s name, or simply “Grandpa” if that’s what you know him by, in your choice of thread color for a totally custom look.
  7. For Uncle: A Personalized Uncle T-Shirt—Your favorite Uncle will look right at home sporting this tee that says “This is What an Awesome Uncle Looks Like.” Customize it in your choice of colors for a gift that is totally tailored to your favorite Uncle (or Funcle if he’s especially fun). 
  8. For Uncle: A Personalized Uncle Pen Set—Any good Uncle would love to put this classy pen set on his desk. It features a classic-looking wood motif with two lines of custom messaging, so you can surprise him with something that’s completely and totally personalized. Choose an inside joke, his favorite quote, song lyrics or whatever captures his personality to perfection!
  9. For Uncle: A Personalized Beer Growler—If you’ve got a brew-loving Uncle on your list, you can’t go wrong with a thoughtful, personalized beer growler. Not only does this save you from buying the wrong beer (we know how picky a beer devotee can be), but it lasts a whole lot longer, too!


For the Kids and Grandkids

Santa’s coming to fill those personalized stockings with all sorts of goodies, from decadent sweets to fun toys to practical staples that help them focus on school, sports and their favorite hobbies. It doesn’t matter what your little ones are into this year, one thing’s for sure—they will love anything with their name or face on it! And parents will love to design personalized presents that their youngsters will actually use or wear throughout the year.

engraved yo-yo

Personalized Silver Yo-Yo


  1. For Daughter or Granddaughter: A Personalized Pencil Pouch—The perfect stocking-stuffer for your school-aged Daughter or Granddaughter, this adorable, embroidered pencil pouch will have her giddy to go back to school after Christmas break. The glitzy unicorn pouch can be ordered alongside a matching backpack and lunch bag for a magical trifecta.
  2. For Daughter or Granddaughter: A Monogrammed Hat Set—Winter can be brutal, but it’s just a bit more bearable when you’ve got a stash of personalized cable-knit hats and scarves to wear. The perfect choice for fusing practicality with fun, these cozy winter accoutrements keep them toasty on snow days and trips to the sled hill or ice rink. Grab one of each for a coordinating look.
  3. For Daughter or Granddaughter: A Personalized Pillowcase—You can cover her entire room in personalized charm with bedding featuring her name, monogram or initials. Start with a cute, custom pillowcase that showcases her big personality. Grab a set of two or three and pair it with a custom blanket for a fun way to make her bedroom totally tailored to her.
  4. For Son or Grandson: A Personalized Sports Water Bottle—He’ll be the coolest dude at little league or soccer practice with his neat custom water bottle made just for kids. You can personalize it to honor your future pro baller with images from his favorite sports—including basketball, baseball, football and more—plus a name, word art and color scheme to match his team colors.
  5. For Son or Grandson: An Engraved Yo-Yo—Simple yet meaningful, your Son or Grandson will absolutely cherish one of these silver engraved yo-yos. Oh, and did we mention that they’re made for fun, too? Indeed, he’ll spend plenty of idle hours learning all the coolest yo-yo tricks with this fun, personalized stocking stuffer! And if you’re an old-school parent, you’ll be able to teach him a few yourself.
  6. For Son or Grandson: A Personalized Teddy Bear—What kid doesn’t love a soft teddy bear? This cuddly-as-can-be teddy is beaming from ear to ear and positively radiates the Christmas spirit with his big, red bow and Christmas star T-shirt. Customize it to your liking with your Son or Grandson’s name on the front.

Making It Count

A good gift, no matter what it is, is something that comes straight from the heart. When you select one of our sweet, personalized stocking stuffers or something custom to set under the tree, you’re basically guaranteed a smile. GiftsForYouNow is your premier resource for personalized gifts for every single member of the family, and we’re sure you’ll find something totally wrap-worthy in our massive selection.

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