5 Funny Face Masks to Add Some Positivity to This New Normal

We all have those essential items we need to make sure we grab before leaving the house, whether it’s our keys, our phone, or our purse. Starting this year off, we didn’t think we’d be adding a face mask to this list of items we’d need to grab before running out the door. However, now that that’s the case for many of us, we can at least make the best of this new norm. We wanted to showcase some of our favorite new, funny face masks that will help you remember to put them on and hopefully bring some positivity or smiles to the faces of people you encounter while out and about. 

Emoji Mouth Face Mask

emoji face mask

This emoji face mask is perfect for those who still are smiling underneath their mask even though someone walking past won’t see it. Wearing this mask helps bring that smile out and for everyone to see. 

Personalized Tiger Print Mask 

personalized tiger print face mask

Tiger print has become very trendy lately due to the Netflix docuseries Tiger King being released earlier this year. This is for all you cool cats and kittens out there wanting to express your favorite quotes or come up with your own. 

DIY Personalized Face Masks – Kids’ Edition

Being inside more during the summertime with kids, it can be hard to be creative with things to do. A fun activity would be buying plain face masks and giving the kids an opportunity to create their own unique designs using fabric markers. You could also buy white face masks to tie-dye. Giving kids the ability to use their imagination with a DIY face mask should make them more interested in wearing it when they leave the house.

Cute Animal Face Kids’ Mask

cute animal kids' face masks

If DIY isn’t your thing, that’s okay! These cute animal face masks that will make the kids want to wear them out and about. Let your child pick which animal they want to be: a fox, bear, bunny, bird or raccoon! 

Shark and Dinosaur Kids’ Face Masks

personalized animal face mask for boys

If your child is more on the wild side and loves for everyone to know it, this mask is perfect for them. Let them rawwwr with this fierce yet adorable dinosaur face mask. If they’re not into dinosaurs but “Baby Shark” has been stuck in your head for months, this mask also has a shark design you can select. 

Approach this new normal in a fun way that not only brings a smile to your face but helps everyone around you smile. During times like this, a smile will brighten anyone’s day. Spread a bit of positivity around your community with some help from these funny face masks, and stay safe! In addition to the masks showcased here, we have many other personalized face masks available to shop.

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