8 Festive Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of many homes during the holiday season, so it’s important to ensure that your Christmas tree gets some special TLC each year. Whether you decorate it the same way every year or do something a little different each season, you can really do a lot with the Christmas tree. In case you’re looking to switch things up or find some Christmas tree inspiration this year, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite festive Christmas tree decoration ideas!Heart-Shaped Photo Ornament

The Sentimental Tree: Filled with nostalgic personalized ornaments, this tree pays homage to all your favorite memories and events throughout your life and the lives of your family members. From ornaments passed down from generation to generation to ornaments commemorating the birth of children or important family milestones, this tree is perfect if you want your guests to stand in awe of your family’s journey.

Natural and Rustic: Incorporate wooden tones and rustic elements into this tree design to make it feel more natural. Use pinecones and shades of browns, greens and deep reds. Consider using a real pine tree this season if you go with this design look. It’ll really drive home the idea of a natural Christmas! Make sure you water it properly, though, as dried Christmas trees pose a huge fire hazard to your home. 

Modern and Playful: Full of bright colors, metallics and non-traditional Christmas vibes, this decor style for your tree is best for those who like to think outside the box. Find a tree in a bright color–white, pink, green or blue–and use shiny ornaments in all different shapes and sizes to make it an eccentric masterpiece. Try not to clash colors, though. It’s important that your design still works together to create a cohesive look, but don’t be afraid to get imaginative with shades and shapes. 

Metallics: Mix together silver, gold and copper for a fun and unique Christmas tree this year! You’ll really be able to achieve this look with the ribbons on the tree and the topper. Mix and match metallic ornament sets to complete the look. Keep it going by using gold, silver or copper wrapping paper for your gifts, too!Personalized Red Christmas Truck Stocking

A Non-Tree: If you live in a smaller space, such as an apartment, you might not have room for a large Christmas tree this year. That’s okay! You can still decorate and create a makeshift tree that doesn’t take up any space. Using tinsel and some pushpins, create a tree shape on the wall. Then, hang your ornaments from the pushpins so it looks like a real tree! Line up the personalized Christmas stockings on the wall next to the tree and place the gifts on a bookshelf underneath. Voila! A budget- and space-friendly Christmas decor scene. 

A Coastal Christmas: Not everyone lives in a woodland landscape filled with frosted pine trees and inches of snow on the ground. Some of us live on a sandy beach with bright blue waves and no snow in sight. That doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your Christmas tree! Bring the outside in for this one with a coastal Christmas tree design. Using blues, sandy browns and ivory, decorate the tree with seashell ornaments, turquoise ribbon and a tan linen tree skirt. The effect the tree design creates will make it feel like you’re looking outside at the beach below!Baby's first Christmas photo Ornament

Florals: Flowers have a place in Christmas, too! Go bold with your Christmas tree this year and use flowers along with ornaments to decorate your tree. Freshen up the place with bright flowers that don’t necessarily match the traditional Christmas colors. Pinks, oranges and yellows are great contrasts to the dark green leaves of a Christmas tree. Use them in combination with some of your favorite Christmas ornaments, such as your baby’s first Christmas ornament, to keep it sentimental and in the holiday spirit. 

Traditional and Cozy: At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with a traditional Christmas tree. This design option is especially for those who like to go outside the box every year for Christmas. Every once in a while, consider going back to basics and really focus on traditional Christmas elements. Using reds, greens and golds, create a tree that makes you feel like you’re smack in the middle of a Hallmark Christmas movie set. Incorporate vintage Christmas ornaments, maybe some decorative candy canes and an angel tree topper. Sometimes a traditional set-up is all you need to really get into the Christmas spirit.

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