20 Memorable Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

christmas gift ideas for friends

While some focus on getting gifts for their family or spouse for Christmas, you should also include your friends! Getting gifts for your friends shows how much you appreciate their friendship and enjoy spending time with them. We’ve put together a list filled with great gifts to give your friends this Christmas, plus some tips on giving the best gifts!

Keep It Personal

When choosing gifts for your friends, make sure you find some that are unique. Getting fun personalized gifts for your friends shows that you pay attention to who they are as individuals and the type of friendship you have with them. Keeping your gifts personal lets you carefully choose unique gifts for each of your friends, and you can watch as their face lights up with joy at your thoughtfulness in choosing their gift!

Add a Card

Include a card with your gift! Cards are sweet ways to add something extra to your gift. It’s your chance to include a heartfelt message that accompanies your gift. By adding a card to your gift, it gives a little extra something to it. Your message doesn’t have to be long, either! Just a simple sentence or two telling them that you hope they enjoy their gift or a brief note about how much you love your friendship with them. Sometimes the card can say everything you’re struggling to!

Stuff It in a Stocking

If you’re looking for a unique way to package your Christmas gifts, consider using a stocking! Instead of wrapping them in patterned paper or stuffing a paper bag with tissue paper, place your gifts or smaller trinkets into one of our unique Christmas stockings! We have a variety of stockings available to choose from, perfect for each of your friends. Even if you’re getting them a larger gift, still consider adding some smaller items into a stocking. Stockings are also great gifts to give young adults who are experiencing their first Christmases alone! It’ll give them a taste of home and make them glad they have such caring friends.

family photo christmas ornament personalized

Include an Ornament

You can never have enough ornaments! Get your friends a set of matching personalized ornaments every year as a thoughtful way to show them you enjoy their friendship. They’re perfect for close friend groups, where everyone can see the ornaments and know that they each share something special. You could even start a rotation where each year one person in the friend group is responsible for getting the others ornaments! It’s a cute way for everyone to get a fun gift each year.

For the Writer

Your friends who love to write deserve great gifts this Christmas. They’re typically analytical, funny and introverted, so you need a unique gift to give them. Here are some of our favorites! christmas gift ideas for writers

  • A Book: Of course your writer friend would love a book! A classic for Christmas, it might be hard to find a book they haven’t read yet. But, with a little diligence, you can find something they haven’t had the chance to read by browsing your local bookstores. You can help them along their writing journey by getting them a writing guide, too! Many writers like to do extensive research before they write about different topics. Getting them a writing guide will ensure they write about specific things accurately!
  • A Journal: Journals are also great for your writer friends. Inspiration will spark at the most random of times, so having a journal or small notebook they can jot things down in is perfect for them. You can find many different types of journals–spiraled, bound, blank, lined. You name it, there’s a journal out there! If you want to make it more personal, you can also have the journal monogrammed!
  • An Antique Fountain Pen Set: Complete with inks and tips, an antique fountain pen set is perfect for your writer friends! They will have so much fun messing around with the different pieces and colors. Include some parchment they can practice on as well as other practice sheets or a subscription to an online class they can take to learn how to use it like a pro. Pretty soon, you’ll probably start receiving letters from them in vintage calligraphic handwriting! 
  • A Literary Graphic Tee: Graphic tees are all the rage right now. With lots of phrases, colors and references, graphic tees are a great way for people to show off their interests through the clothes they wear. For your writer friends, look for graphic tees featuring quotes from popular classic novels, names of characters or references to scenes from them!

For the Makeup Artist

With today’s influencer trends, more and more people are getting into amateur makeup artistry. Here are some of our favorite Christmas gift ideas for your friends who love to create fun and unique looks!

makeup christmas gift ideas

  • Vanity Mirror: Creating the perfect cat eye requires the perfect mirror. Look for a mirror your friend can use on their vanity to get close up to the different parts of their face. This way, they can ensure they make straight lines, blend colors properly or cover up blemishes!
  • A Makeup Palette: Obviously, a makeup palette is a classic choice for your friends who love makeup! Pay attention to what makeup they wear, and ask them what palettes they’ve been eyeing lately. This way, you get their favorite brand and shades you know they’re going to use! 
  • A Set of Brushes: Every makeup artist needs a good set of brushes. Look for makeup brushes that offer a wide selection of tools and consider finding some you can have monogrammed or personalized for that special touch! There are different makeup brushes used for different techniques and products, so definitely look for the best makeup brushes in order to ensure you give a quality gift to your makeup artist friends.
  • A Ring Mirror: Ring mirrors are perfect for your makeup artist friends. Chances are they have social media pages dedicated to their makeup looks, and ring mirrors provide great lighting for when they’re applying makeup or filming themselves. Their tutorials will be super on-point with a ring mirror!

christmas gift ideas for sports fans

For the Sports Fanatic

We all have that one friend who subscribes to every sports channel cable can provide–including the online access apps and streaming services! Their home is filled with team memorabilia, signed jerseys and faux championship trophies. Here are some gift ideas for the sports fanatic friend in your life!

  • Tickets to a Game: Go big and bold this Christmas with tickets to one of their favorite sports teams’ games! They don’t have to be front-row seats (unless you want to go really big), but your friend will be so excited just to get to go to a game with you.
  • An Ornament: Bring Christmas into the mix by getting them a fun personalized Christmas ornament featuring their favorite team! Personalize it with the most recent year they won the championship or your friend’s favorite player’s jersey number. It’ll be a fun addition to your friend’s Christmas tree for years to come. 
  • A Set of Beer Glasses: Most sports fans enjoy a tasty beverage or two while watching the game. Get them a set of personalized beer glasses so they can move away from the red plastic cups and instead elevate to the nicer, more sophisticated side of sports watching. They’ll feel like VIP ticket holders with beer glasses, for sure!
  • A Yard Flag: A personalized yard flag is yet another way your sports fanatic friends can show off their support for their favorite team. With so many teams out there, you can find one for each sport and their teams. Plus, most yard flags can be switched out from season to season, so they can show their support no matter what sport they’re watching!

christmas gift ideas for tea drinkers

For the Tea Drinker

Sometimes, it feels like our tea-loving friends don’t get nearly as much attention as the ones who love coffee. We’re here to change that! We’ve put together some great gifts to give your tea-drinking friends this Christmas. 

  • A Fun Mug: Mugs are classic Christmas gifts to give your friends. They’re so practical and versatile! But, for your tea drinkers, they know nothing is better than curling up on the sofa with a good book and a nice cup of tea. They can’t drink their tea if they don’t have a mug! Show them you care about their tea preference by finding a mug that talks about tea. 
  • A Subscription to a Tea Box: There are many tea companies out there who provide subscription boxes! Filled with different samples of tea and other tea-related items, they’re perfect for your tea-drinking friends who love to try new things. Who knows? You might just be responsible for them finding their next favorite flavor of tea!
  • A Teapot: While many tea drinkers can brew their tea in different ways nowadays, there is just something about brewing tea the traditional way! You can find many different types of teapots with lots of designs, colors and sizes. Your tea-drinking friends will love to have a cute new teapot to brew their tea in!
  • A Tea Canister: If your tea-drinking friends use loose leaf tea, they need airtight canisters to store the tea leaves in! Give them a set of tea canisters they can use to mix and match their loose leaf tea or just to hold their current selection of leaves. 

christmas gift ideas for foodies

For the Foodie

We all have that one friend who has an entire Instagram account dedicated to their restaurant expeditions! They deserve some fun, food-tastic gifts this Christmas. Here are some of our favorites!

  • A Set of Mixing Bowls: Mixing bowls aren’t just for baking. You can toss salads in them, season or dredge meat in them or mix spices or marinades together. Get your foodie friends a set of mixing bowls to use during their time in the kitchen! It never fails that while cooking you need an extra bowl to mix something together in. Your friends will be glad to have an extra set of bowls on hand for those situations!
  • Foodie Socks: Socks come in all different patterns and colors these days. Why not get your foodie friends some socks to match their hobby? Go for the fun and interesting ones, such as pizza, donuts or hot dogs, so your friends can show off their interests in a unique way! Look for ones in different lengths so they can wear them with different types of shoes or clothes. 
  • A Guide to Charcuterie Boards: Charcuterie boards–wooden slabs filled with different types of meat, cheese, fruits and veggies–are all the rage right now. Setting up a charcuterie board is practically a work of art–and your foodie friends would probably love to know the secrets to setting up a masterpiece charcuterie board. They’ll love a guidebook to show them tips and tricks to creating the perfect charcuterie board on their favorite cutting board
  • A Cookbook: Foodie influencers everywhere are publishing cookbooks filled with different recipes these days. Why not get your aspiring foodie friends cookbooks from their favorite influencers to help them along their foodie journey? Consider your friends’ favorite foods and try to find a cookbook from a chef that is filled with recipes of that type of food. So many cookbooks are centered around a meal, such as burgers or pies. Some also focus on a specific ingredient, such as mushrooms or kale. When selecting a cookbook, think about what your friends like to cook and what they’ve been interested in learning to cook and go from there!

Christmas is a great time to get your friends gifts they’re sure to love. With so many different options out there, it can be difficult to find the right gift to give. No matter what, your gifts should be personal and serve as a reflection of how much you appreciate your friends and their friendship with you!

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