9 Living Room Christmas Decor Ideas That Sleigh

Even though the leaves haven’t started falling off the trees yet, it’s important to think ahead about how you’re going to decorate your living room for Christmas. The holidays are a big time for entertaining, and if you’ve decided to host a small get-together at your home this year, you’ll want to make sure your living space looks perfect for photos, dinner or even cocktails. We’ve put together a list of some perfect living room decor ideas for you to try out this Christmas!

Cheery and Colorful: For this design style, step away from the traditional greens and reds. Instead, bring in a variety of pastels and neons to really give a different holiday feel this year. Some of our favorites include blues, yellows and peachy-pinks. Incorporate these colors into classic Christmas pieces, such as the tree, your unique personalized ornaments or your wall art. Altogether, this fun decor style will have your guests feeling bright and cheery!personalized snowman family ornament

Mixed Metals: We love a good mixed metal decor style! Filled with coppers, golds and silvers, this decor style brings in rustic elements to meet with industrials. Whether it’s tin cans to fill with pine cones or glass vases spray painted shiny gold, you’ll love this decor style for Christmas. Incorporate some neutrals to balance all the shininess, such as choosing a white Christmas tree or some wooden decor features.

Black and White: There’s just something about the stark contrast between bright white and deep black that brings out the best when decorating for Christmas. Using simple Scandanavian touches, such as natural wooden shelves, lets simplicity shine. You can add small bursts of muted colors to create some definition and balance the stark contrast between black and white, but don’t overdo it!

Minimalism: Sometimes, all you need is a unique letter banner strung across the mantel and a Christmas tree decorated with only twinkling lights and a topper to make the best Christmas decor set-up. The Christmas season is more than the decorations. It’s about spending time with family and friends. By decorating minimally this Christmas, you can really focus on your quality time with your loved ones. Keep your space clear of clutter and knick-knacks and invest in storage pieces that not only let you hide your clutter but also serve as unique decor pieces.

Cozy and Rustic: Fill your couch with holiday-themed throw pillows and line your mantel with rustic burlap personalized Christmas stockings this year to create a cozy and rustic theme in your living room. Place candles at different heights along your coffee table, and don’t forget the pine cones! Add a small wooden ladder into your decor, too, and hang cozy blankets from it to really increase that cozy holiday feel.

personalized cable knit stockings

Go Wild: Who says you can’t decorate with animal print during Christmas? You can find faux fur throw pillows that are perfect for your holiday decor, plus the classic bear rug to place right in front of your fireplace. A cheetah print tree skirt would also look great with an animal print decor theme! 

Vintage: If you spend all your time during the holiday season watching classic Christmas films, why not decorate your living room to look like something straight out of a vintage film set? Try to find pieces that look like they’ve got peeling paint, or sand and whitewash decor pieces yourself! Some of our favorite vintage Christmas decor pieces include sleds and candle holders. Many vintage decor styles also include the traditional greens and reds, so try to sprinkle in those colors while you’re decorating.

Pick a Nook: While most of us love to have the focal point of our Christmas decor rest on the tree, you don’t always have to go that route. For those who have a smaller space or want to make the most of the space they have, decorate a nook in your home as the Christmas space! Whether it’s the entryway right by the stairs or the corner of your living room, you can fill that nook with fun personalized Christmas ornaments hung on a garland, twinkling lights and Christmas wall art. Adding a small furniture piece, such as a side table or a chest, will give you an additional surface to decorate.personalized gingerbread house ornament

Elegant and Refined: You don’t need to spend a fortune on holiday decor to make your living room look elegant and upscale. Instead, incorporate colors that you know look elevated. White and gold are the two best. Use a gold-lined wrapping paper on all the presents you stick under the tree and add some white fur as the tree ring or the throw blanket you place over the chair. Use soft metallic finishes on the ornaments you hang on the tree to really give your space that refined feel.

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