4 Fun Ice Cream Party Ideas to Make Summer Extra Fun

Keeping children entertained during summer can be tough at times, but one typically sure-fire way to occupy little ones when it’s hot out is with ice cream. Celebrate these warmer days with an ice cream party! Not sure how to get started? Here are four fun ice cream party ideas that are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Create Your Own Ice Cream Sundae Station

Whether you’re celebrating Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day on July 1 or just looking to provide lots of delicious options, here’s a way to step up your ice cream sundae station game. Start with the classic ice creams flavors that are essential to any sundae station: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Then, add in some fun flavors like cookie dough, mint chocolate chip, or cotton candy. Finally, select your toppings. Include the classic toppings everyone loves, like hot fudge, but also feel free to try some different ingredients that aren’t as common to put on ice cream. Have fun with it and see what everyone creates! 

Use Personalized Ice Cream Bowls

personalized ice cream bowl

Serve the sweet treats in personalized ice cream bowls that bring a smile to everyone’s faces. Choose from our wide variety of fun designs like polka dots, ice cream cones, dinosaurs, unicorns, and more. These bowls also make great gifts to any ice cream lovers in your life.

Play Pin The Cherry On Top

Grab a poster board and get creative. Draw an ice cream cone with scoops of ice cream but make sure to not include the cherry on top. Create some little “cherries” that you can pin on top of the ice cream cone for a fun twist on the traditional pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game. Blindfold each participant, spin them around several times, and see who can pin their cherry closest to its proper spot!

Make Homemade Milkshakes

It’s time to put everyone’s creative minds to work on this activity. Sometimes, the tastiest milkshakes are the ones that you never thought you’d mix together. Simple ingredients go a long way for this fun treat. You’ll need a blender, some milk, and ice cream. Pick out a variety of ice cream flavors and encourage everyone to devise new combinations. Have everyone scoop for their desired concoction and put them into the blender, then add a splash of milk and blend. Taste your new milkshake flavor! Share your creative mixes with your friends and family to see which one tastes the best. 

These four ice cream party ideas will help you take your next gathering to the next level. Have fun and see what the little ones will come up with! Looking for more ideas to help bring summer to your home this year?

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